I am a full-time working actor and writer who enjoys sharing my insight with others.  I do not want to open an actor training center.  I am not trying to sell you a motivational DVD.  


When my schedule permits, I teach an on-camera commercial class. I keep my classes small – capped at 8 – so you get tons of individual attention. I focus on giving you an actual technique to break down auditions so you always make smart choices and show the director/client/agency why you’re the best one for the job.

My workshop focuses on identifying your most aspirational self and backing up each and every one of your auditions with attractive honesty and solid technique.   

My next class will be held:

THURSDAYS 3/28, 4/4, 4/11 – 3 SPOTS OPEN

6:30 pm – 10 pm
Max 8 students

If you’re interested in more details, please fill out the contact form on this site or e-mail me at


If you’re looking for a new on-camera commercial agent or your very first on-camera commercial agent, I can help you sign with just the right match. Once you’ve taken my commercial class, I’ll know your work, your strengths, and your challenges. We’ll have a common vocabulary so I can help you nail down your image and brand. 

My most successful clients work with me from “nose to tail” and meet with me before they shoot headshots for styling & type advice.  Here’s everything we’ll do together:
–    Wardrobe styling session (for headshots and auditions)
–    Ghost written and branded cover letter
–    Resume review and reformat
–    Headshot selection from your new or old film and specific selections of what to use to attract an agent to your submission
–    Up-to-date and targeted mailing labels for my list of the 50+ most active & best commercial agencies
–    Website & reel review
–    90 days of access to me after our meeting just to get your mailing out, then continued support as you take your meetings

–    Step by step guidance and feedback until you sign with your new representation.

The entire process is laid out for you step by step.  We do all of the heavy lifting and creative work together.  Then you take over for the administrative part of things.  I am there as your support system from the minute we start our consult until you secure your new agent.

Out of 418 clients have who completed their mailings as advised, 408 have signed with representation that they are psyched about.  Combined together, those 418 clients garnered over 2200 agency meetings.  Several have also signed with theatrical representation as a result of this mailing.

I am available to work for you as your Agent Hunter after you’ve taken my commercial class. If you’re interested in more details, please fill out the contact form on this site or e-mail me